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social app discovery

  • find out what apps your friends have
  • add, review and rate apps to create better recommendations
  • share apps and reviews through facebook
  • Descrambler

    simple scrabble solver

  • great for scrabble, words with friends or wordfeud
  • downloaded over 1 million times!
  • track your entire game and find the absolute best words to play
  • Letterpressure

    challenge your friends to find the best words

  • capture letters to score points
  • challenge your friends
  • like letterpress, but for WP
  • Scramble Helper w/ Friends

    word finder for your Scramble with Friends games

  • shows you every possible word
  • also shows the best path for maximum score
  • upgradable to include word definitions
  • Cheat Press

    word finder for your Letterpress games

  • shows you every possible word
  • track multiple games at once
  • screenshot processing to assist in letter entry
  • Free App Price Watch

    concise list of all free/paid app deals each day

  • updated daily with ALL app sales across the whole store
  • don't bother with the other "Free App a day" apps
  • share your app find with friends via email, twitter or facebook
  • Hangman Helper w/ Friends

    word finder for your Hanging with Friends games

  • shows you every possibly word sorted by score
  • for both word generation and word solving
  • upgradable to include word definitions
  • Tiny Helper

    helping your Tiny Tower games

  • get tips and tricks to make the most out of your tower
  • includes super mega cheat to get fast cash without waiting
  • lists all retail floors and all items for sale
  • App Allstars

    a better way to find great apps

  • shows historical data for the top 400 apps
  • find newly free or price dropped apps
  • share your app finds via fb+email+twitter
  • Weird Word of the Day

    augment your vocabulary with amazing new words

  • over 15,000 weird words - 41 years worth
  • iAd supported
  • share your new found lexicon - email+twitter
  • Quotezilla

    the monster of all quote apps

  • over 80,000 amazing quotes
  • content from 12500+ authors
  • covering over 1400 individual topics
  • Farmer's Almanac

    Farmville Edition

  • the ultimate virtual farm companion
  • info on all farmville game objects
  • harvest timer included
  • Free App Genie

    find paid apps that are on sale

  • one single place to find recently free apps
  • updated multiple times each day
  • over 800,000 downloads
  • top 20 reference app
  • Ingredient Watch

    unlock the mystery behind the chemicals
    in your health and beauty products

  • 150,000 chemicals listed
  • perfect for quick searches while shopping
  • link to PubGet for scientific journals
  • Fart Hero

    need we say more?

  • it's like guitar hero, after eating beans
  • multiple hilarious tracks
  • smells not included
  • Fire vs. Ice

    fast-paced action/strategy game

  • great for fans of Galcon
  • endlessly replayable
  • amazing rotating 3D and particle effects
  • Germ Warfare

    top-down action/survival game

  • protect yourself from the germ onslaught
  • 11 different germ types to fend off
  • 70 in-game acheivements
  • Slida Word

    sliding word search game

  • built-in dictionary of over 100,000 words
  • two game modes
  • global online leaderboard
  • Slida

    addictive triple-match fun

  • great for fans of bejeweled
  • two game modes
  • global online leaderboard